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Spray tans


ONLY  £ 15! 



Girls, get a beautiful tan the safe and fast way! Choose from a subtle healthy glow to a 'just back from holiday' look! This fab spray tan solution uses 100% natural active ingredients and is available in coconut and mango fragrance, leaving you smelling fresh, fruity and light! 

Never had a spray tan before? Here's the answers to some questions you may have...... 

  • What sort of tan will I get?

A List Bronze spray tan will temporarily make your skin a lovely golden brown. The chemical reaction physically changes your skin colour. The solution has been well-tested in order to ensure that it looks exactly like a natural tan. Even fair-skinned clients who don’t tan easily will benefit from an 8% solution of A List Bronze tanning. How dark you go is completely up to you!

  • How does A List Bronze compare to other leading brands?

Customers are amazed at how good the products is! Try it for yourself, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

  •  Does A List Bronze spray tan solution contain an instant bronzer or guide colour?

Yes, the solution does contain a bronzer which makes it easy to apply and gives you an instant tanned look the moment you have been sprayed, perfect for those last minute events. The guide colour is then easily washed off to reveal a lovely tan.

  • Will it damage my clothes?

You should be aware that the solution can stain silk, nylon and leather clothing. Any clothes put on after the application should also be dark, cotton based and loosely fitted so they will not rub your tan. Any colour that rubs off can usually be washed out in a normal wash cycle. Try to avoid putting on closed shoes and socks as they will cause your feet to sweat and also grind down your tan as you walk!

  • How long will my spray tan last?

An A List Bronze spray tan typically lasts around 5 days, however,if you moisturise your skin well, and take good care of your tan, it can last up to 7.

  •   What do I need to do before my appointment?

Prior to your appointment you should ideally exfoliate your body all over, pay extra care to your elbows, knees and ankles so that the tan looks its best. Do not apply moisturiser once you have done this as it will create a barrier between your skin and the solution and the tan will not absorb properly.

  • What do I wear whilst being spray tanned?

You can either wear your own underwear or bikini (dark colours though so that it washes out) or I can provide disposable briefs for you. It is completely up to you whether you wear a bra or bikini top or not whilst being sprayed, just wear what is comfortable for you.

Treatment time: 15 mins      Only £15



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