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I offer a variety of treatments from a simple file and polish, right through to exfoliation, masks, parrafin and the removal of that horrid hard skin around the heels! (Not a good look in your expensive new strappies!)

New to my pedicure treatments is Reflexology pedicures! (see below)

I use the gorgeously fragranced Thai pedicure range and offer a wide variety of excellent quality varnishes, many of which are O.P.I. I can also complete your treatment with a french polish finish for the same price as a coloured nail varnish, however, please note that this option will take a few minutes longer. Choose from......

File and polish      £7   (20 mins)

Express  to include; file, cuticle care and polish      £10   (30 mins)

Spa  file, cuticles, footbath, scrub, massage and polish    £17  (50 mins)

Luxury   file, cuticles, footbath, scrub, hard skin removal, mask with heated booties, massage and polish   £20   (1 hour)

Parrafin   file, cuticles, footbath, scrub, hard skin removal, mask and parrafin wax followed by a massage and polish   £24   (1 hour 20 mins)

 Callus peel This treatment uses a fantastic new product that is great for those with particularly stubborn, hard and cracked skin on the heels. Think of it like a chemical peel for the feet! Once the product used has done it's work I can use a blade to scrape the hard skin away and you won't believe how dramatic the results are! 

Choose from Express callus peel  to include  file, cuticles, footbath, callus removal and polish   £20  (45 mins)

or, Luxury callus peel  to include  file, cuticles, footbath, scrub, callus removal, mask with heated booties, massage and polish   £30 (1 hour 30 mins)


Why not try the latest craze trendy wraps. Trendy nail wraps are a new high performance vinyl product that are designed to cover the nail plate. They are quick to apply, hardwearing and easy to remove and come in an amazing range of patterns and colours including; stripes, flowers, dots, zebra and leopard print, the list goes on! You can add nail wraps to any of the treatments listed above, just add £5 to the total treatment price.

 Reflexology Pedicure  Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet with techniques assessed on the basis of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet. The premise is that such pressure work with fingers and thumbs effects physical change in the body. Benefits include; increased relaxation, pain reduction, improved blood flow, enhancement of medical care and helping prevention of many symptoms such as headaches, back pain, arthritis, constipation, stress and anxiety to name a few! Reflexology is fantastic for homeostasis (regaining the body's natural balance)

Allow approx 75 mins for treatment which includes a file and polish  £24 or just reflex is £20

(Please note, this is a particularly powerful treatment and is therefore not advised to be received by women who are pregnant, menstruating, or bleeding either internally or externally. Thankyou)


Anewyou. Affordable holistic and beauty treatments in the comfort of my home or yours! Contact Emma on 07896 761635 or 01902 656791. Look forward to hearing from you soon!