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Inch loss body contour wraps


Guaranteed inch loss from the first wrap! This is a fantastic treatment if you are going on holiday and want to be bikini ready, or for a special occassion when you need to look your best!

Measurements are taken before and after each treatment to show the sucess of this fantastic quick fix! The whole body will be cleansed, toned and exfoliated, then a seaweed detoxifying and firming cream will be applied, followed by an aromatherapy based gel, before finally being wrapped in thermal knitted banadges. As an extra treat while you relax in the bandages and let the wrap do it's work, you can enjoy a FREE mini Indian head massage! Or why not indulge further and treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, eyebrow wax or facial while you wait? (you will enjoy a minimum of 45 mins relaxation while you are bandaged so please bare this in mind when considering a treatment to book during this time.)

Although one wrap will provide results, the effects of this treatment are cumulative and therefore the success of this treatment is increased if you have a course of treatments, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, these wraps will help weight loss and improve body shape and tone!

  • Single wrap         £33
  • Course of 4         £120
  • Course of 6         £180


Treatment time approximately 1½ hours long. Although your first treatment will take a little longer due to the consultation required.


 Not everyone needs to lose inches all over! You may only wish to slim and tone through your waist, tummy and hips. This is why I have started to offer an inch loss body wrap that only incorporates this area. Perfect for encouraging the hour glass figure, and great for improving body confidence on the beach. Why not give it a try?

Only £25!


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