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Colon and IBS therapy


The colon affects our health greatly. Simply put, when the colon is clean, the whole body works much better. When the colon is sluggish or weak digestion and elimination are compromised, the body can poison itself with toxins. With a clogged colon, toxins remain inside the body instead of being eliminated. This can have consequences for our immune system as the body protects itself by storing these toxins in fat cells or in the mucus lining of the intestines.

Constipation is a health problem suffered by many. Poor diet, especially one that is low in fiber, low fluid intake, and lack of exercise can all have negative effects on our bowel.

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is the most common gut condition and affects about one in ten of us at some time, women especially. Constipation and diarrhoea are the most common symptoms but the sufferer may also note backache, tiredness, headaches and urinary or gynaecological problems. In IBS the bowel responds with powerful (often painful) contractions or spasms to stimuli that wouldn't usually bother other people. Research has shown that IBS suffers seem to have a super-sensitive colon. Again, poor diet, low fluid intake and lack of excercise can be triggers, as can worry, anxiety, stress and depression, although unfortunately, the exact cause is unknown.

My colon and IBS therapy can help both of these problems greatly. This treatment combines the cleansing of the colon through deep abdominal massage with a detoxifying warming mask to smoothe and firm the stomach. The mask also contains the essential oils peppermint and fennel, both of which are highly effective at relieving and preventing bloating, gas, indegestion and stomach aches. This treatment also includes a free face and scalp massage while the mask gets to work!

This is a fantastic treatment particularly benefitial for those who suffer in discomfort with IBS or constipation. It's the next best thing to a colonic!

Treatment time: 30 mins      £18

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